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Both Mufasa and Dakota always get complaints from their family when they film inside the house.  their farts are just TOO STINKY!  so they decided to go out in public and make these hot candid fart clips for you!

MUFASA IS GETTIN' THICC!!!  she is really fillin' out them tight jeans and her farts are getting better and BIGGER and more bubbly with each clip!  and peep out that "side boob"!! these farts REEK because in her words she's about to take a "BIG DUKE"  I hope your nose is ready!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY you are in a long distance relationship with fart super model DEBBIE DISTURRBED!  you cannot be there with her to sniff her "warm egg" farts so she is at least letting you hear some of them over the phone so you can still jerk off to them.. and these are some DOOZIES!

FART TERRORIST BRAPPADELICA IS BACK!  she starts the clip by TAPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT!  then she puts her HUGE ass right on your nose and blasts you with fart after BUBBLIFIED fart!  then later she wants to see if you survived...  or are you still alive???

first thing she says is.. "I am going to destroy this fucking chair with my farts"  yes the NEW QUEEN channels the OLD QUEEN in this fantastic clip because when she was ripping these MONSTER farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting, leaning to one side and make that "face".

Fuck these farts sounded so DEEP!  sounded like she had 5 pairs of jeans on!  YOU WILL LOVE THESE JEAN FART SOUNDS and she is pointing her ASS CANNON right in your face!  "ARE YOU READY??"

Join DEBBIE DISTURRBEDS filthy farty dance party and watch her rip a HUGE EXPLOSIVE FART with just about every dance movement she makes.. and BOY O BOY look at that big round ass move!!!

you can actually hear the HOT BROWN GRAVY filling up into Dakota's butt cheeks as she puts out these long wet SHARTY rippers.. she is going to ruin her brand new leggings!

Penelope's LONG HUMMERS make interesting noises as she pushes them out while masturbating.  watch her have a REAL climax and then it's your turn.   the POV blowjob of a life time while she blows MONSTER JEAN FARTS behind her while sucking your hard throbbing cock!!

Good times are here again!  You and your EXTRA GASSY fun girlfriend kiss, dance and party the night away as she farts CONSTANTLY for you in SKIN TIGHT GREY LEGGINGS! shaking that ass and rippin' that gas!

ASSORTED TIGHT SPANDEX BUBBLY FART BATH could also be a name for this clip!  these farts were so LONG AND RUMBLY they will drive you INSANE.. and she farts MID SENTENCE she says...


that's right she stops mid sentence to push out a long bubbler then finishes what she started to say.. and she is wearing TIGHT SPANDEX ONLY!!!

Nicole Blaze takes on the VIRAL TICK TOCK CHALLENGE of trying to predict what your fart is going to sound like.  She says in the video.. "guess my fart".. then she predicts exactly what sound she thinks her farts will make and then she pushes it out.  She was pretty close in her predictions too.. the only mistake she made was not making her predicted farts LONG enough.. cuz these bad boys were long deep and POWERFUL!!

Dakota and Mufasa were determined to make a sexy GIRL ON GIRL face fart video but DAKOTAS FARTS WERE SO SMELLY that they both bursted out in laughter because she could not believe HOW BAD those farts were smelling!  poor Dakota was SO EMBARRASSED!

Dakota described these RUMBLY farts as "rotten egg" stinkers.. she put on pajamas so you can sniff her fart longer because the EGGY SMELL will stay in her pj's longer.. later she pulls them down so she can fart directly on your tongue while you eat her ass..  YUMMY!

Dakota is a bit concerned because she put on some extra weight.. her ass is getting HUGE!  She feels like she is a BBW but I am letting her know that she is not there yet.. but she in my opinion is looking THE BEST SHE EVER LOOKED!  and her farts are getting more DEEPER and LOW TONED even when her ass is naked.. she gets that "jean fart" kinda sound with her gas!

Just like the girls do on U TOOB I had Debbie try on all of her favorite leggings and show the perfect fit on her perfect ass.. and she was ripping OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD WATERY BUBBLERS the whole fucking time!  with out a doubt this is the VIDEO OF THE FUCKING YEAR!!!!

The FART SOUNDS coming outta her ass will drive you insane!  DEEP.. soft.. low and BASSY.. and she is wearing all of your favorite SPANDEX PANTS!  this clip is fucking simple and fucking HOT!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

Debbie wants you to JERK OFF AND CUM ON HER ASS as she dances and rips WET AND GUSHY farts right in your face!  these farts got so WET and SHARTY that she had to stop her sexy dance and go wipe!!!

Imagine casually laying on the bed chatting with your girlfriend Debbie.  As you guys casually talk she keeps pushing out LONG POWERFUL BUBBLERS back to back.  You laugh at her because of the funny faces she is making.  she CLOSES ONE EYE and BITES HER BOTTOM LIP and pushes out a long watery BRRUUUMMMMMPH!  She is so cute with her FUNNY FART FACES as the two of you lay together and talk on the bed!  this is a HOT POV fantasy with absolutely INCREDIBLE long rumbly farts!!!  Her voice.. the way her ass looks in jeans and the SOUNDS OF THESE FARTS will drive you crazy!!

Mufasa is farting really WET in this one and she wants you to eat her asshole while she is farting.. and along with the PERFECT TITS she showcases her burping ability while roaring DEEP CHEST RATTLING BELCHES!

Both of them had lunch together and they both ate EGG SALAD so they have the STINKIEST FARTS going on at the moment.. now they are playing a game WHO can make WHOM pass out from the smell of each other ROTTEN EGGY GAS!

Dakota is SO SLEEPY but she CANNOT STOP FARTING!  She wants to take a nap but she has to LET OUT ALL THAT GAS first!  She wants you to come LAY WITH HER and BURY YOUR FACE into her big soft ROUND fart pillow.  She wants to fart it ALL OUT into your face so she can have "nappy time"...  now the question.. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU FUCKING PAY to lay there beside her and sniff her STINKY EGGY FART AIR????

When a beautiful girl is laying on her stomach with her PHAT ROUND ASS sticking up in the background farting.. it gets me every time!!!  Dakota is farting in a loose fitting SUN DRESS and she wants you to bury your face deep into her stinky fart as it RUMBLES outta her ass cheeks.. FUCK she is so fucking CUTE!!  and the million dollar question.. whose hotter???  DAKOTA? or MUFASA????

Of all the girls to ever do PUBLIC FARTING videos
 Dakota is the most BOLD I have ever seen!
 She rips very loud QUACKING DUCK FARTS around
people and she is not even embarrassed!!

A nice compilation of some of her MOST FANTASTIC farts recorded over a weekend!  Pushing her ass against a wall to see "what sound they will make" hanging out on her front porch and just relaxing in bed... simple scenarios... but very BOOMBASTIC BUBBLY BLASTS!!!

YES THE MAN HEARD HER LOUD BUBBLY FART and Dakota was so embarrassed!  She thought she was alone in the aisle when a man came over just as she farted!  she laughed said "excuse me sir I am so sorry" and just laughed again.. she is so CUTE and this PUBLIC FART is SO HOT!! and if this turned you on then at the end of the clip when you are JERKING OFF.. you get to JERK YOUR CUM OFF INTO HER MOUTH as she sits on her knees WAITING FOR YOUR CUM!!

Dakota was excited to make a sexy farting video in her cheetah dress and it was going well until her family made her leave the house because her FARTS STUNK TOO BAD!  good news is at the end of this clip you can JERK OFF INTO HER MOUTH!

The very BEAUTIFUL DAKOTA just had re fried beans and her farts are LONG, HOT AND STINKY!  she wants you to quickly get behind her as she pushes out that LONG HOT GAS right on your nose!  YUMMY!

Dakota's was visiting her grannie and grannie made EGGS for breakfast.  Dakota kept farting EGGY FARTS for the rest of the day so grannie told her to GO OUTSIDE... so wearing GREY LEGGINGS she went outside to let out LONG RUMBLY EGG FARTS.. and later in a black dress... then she went into her room, dropped to her knees and OPENED HER MOUTH so you can jerk off into it.. because of course you are jerking off.. right??


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter @CWorldent

MILEY MONTANA DAKOTA REIGN AND MUFASA all partying together in a cramped bathroom sniffing each others BUBBLY FARTS!  No social distancing going in here!!  watch 3 sisterz bury there noses DEEP into each others assholes!  YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS!!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent