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PEAR SHAPED ROCSI asks you to "bury your face in her big round ass" as she rips LONG BUBBLY FARTS on your mouth and nose!  this NEW MODEL is a fucking MUST SEE!!

Watch sexy Fennixx fart for you BACK TO BACK for what seemed to be 1000 sexy DUCK SOUNDING "quack" farts and she wants you to sniff ALL OF THEM!

It is your "first date" with some new girl you made on a dating app.  she is hot but STRANGE!  she agreed to go out with you but she wants to FART and BURP in your face all night long!  Strange request.. but she is so hot you decided to go through with it! 

THESE FARTS ARE IN THE 20 SECOND RANGE! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants while her ass is buried into a stack of pillows for that SEXY MUFFLED SOUND effect we love so much!  then she brings her ass over to you so you can bury your face into her SOFT BIG BOOTY!

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were DEEP AND MUFFLED.  BASSY.. kinda like that SELENA LOCA sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds!

with her feet on the wall... FENNIXX is masturbating and farting like a fucking CRAZY WOMAN???? the way her ass looks and the way her farts sound is SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!


SANTANA wants you to JERK OFF for her!  she pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FARTS!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she farts again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart... her ass right in your face ... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she drops to her knees so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!! 

in this CUSTOM FANTASY.. you are going over the bills with SANTANA REDD your roommate... you are looking at them while discussing them with her... she is PAYING HER BILLS WITH FARTS!  letting you sniff a fart for EVERY BILL ON THE LIST!  she tells you...

(fart) "this is for my food for this month (fart) this is for the cable bill (fart) this is for the gym membership you got for me (fart) this is for paying my phone bill"

OMG THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT HOT HOT!  Santana shows you EXACTLY what she would do if your nose was BURIED IN HER CHEEKS while she farted DEEP "POOT" SOUNDING farts up your nose... SHE SAYS THESE SEXY THINGS TO YOU AFTER EVERY FART---

"get your nose in there between my cheeks...I love when you smell them... sniff it... inhale it... eat it... put your mouth over my hole.. I want to fart in your mouth and all over your nose .... do you like the way they smell??... be careful... they are extra stinky today... sniff it... don't move.. keep your nose right there.. aahhh feels so good"

Fennixx farts are coming out with such POWER if you look closely at her ass you can see the LATEX PANTS VIBRATING when she pushes each of these farts out!  she is the fucking QUEEN of farts! BERRRMMMTT!

IN HER BLACK LATEX PANTS Fennixx is busying cleaning when you hear the most INSANE FARTS EVER from the other room!  BRUMMMMMMPPPPHH...  PERRRRRNNNNNTTTT... BUUUURRRRNNNNZZZZZZ!!!! She wants privacy because she is embarrassed.. you come in to smell her farts she tells you .. "man, what the fuck is wrong with you?? can't you see I am cleaning.. my ass sounds like a crazy monster right now!.. this whole house smells like BROCULLI!"  she wants you to GO but of course you STAY.. fuck them long BLUBBERY FARTS are driving you CRAZY and yes they WREAK of BROCULLI!!!