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FEBRUARY 9th 2020

Dakota's farts sound rumbly even when she is wearing a thong!  and look at the perfect ass!  you guys are in the kitchen, cooking.. being playful.  hanging out as girlfriend and boyfriend.. but your girl Dakota can't stop farting.. of course that turns you on so she stops cooking to get on your knees so you can JERK OFF INTO HER WAITING HUNGRY MOUTH!!


Watch Ariana BomBae and Dakota Reign PUNISH each others faces with bubbly gas.  these were the type of farts that you just KNOW that they stunk by the way the sounded.. and they both sat there and took them like champions.. and they look SO FUCKING PRETTY doing it too!


Sexy Dakota has long AK 47 sounding farts
 today..  she wants you to get behind her,
 sniff them then JERK OFF INTO HER MOUTH
...  sounds like a FUCKING POV DREAM doesn't it??


MILEY MONTANTA AND ARIANA BOMBAE are having a fart contest.  Dakota must decide whose farts are STINKIER!  I put my money on Ariana Bombae but you must see to get the results!  I wish I was there to judge.. SHEESH!


Look at these 3 adorable angels cuddling together and SNIFFING EACH OTHERS FARTS.  So cute so pretty so naughty.  There have not been many clips like this made with REGULAR GIRLS not fetish models so make sure to enjoy this while it lasts.  because we all know the AMAZING stuff never lasts!


Watch Sexy Dakota Reign rip LONG BRITTANY MOORE type rumbly farts in Miley Montana's face!  You can tell by the look on Dakota's face that she felt RELIEVED getting out these bubbly bombs!  You can literally her the farts VIBRATING off of Miley Montana"s face!

DECEMBER 29th 2019

Sexy Dakota is out doing some shopping when suddenly she farted and made a BIG MESS in her sexy grey leggings!  she had to suddenly stop filming and RUN to the bathroom to clean up!

DECEMBER 21st 2019

Both of the girls had plenty of egg nog which means lots of stinky, eggy milky gas!  They are SNIFFING EACH OTHERS FARTS to see whose ass SMELLS THE WORSE!


You are so OBSESSED with your HOT ROOMMATE Santana that you have set up HIDDEN CAMERAS in her room to catch her farting after her shower.. MAN she farts a LOT.. even more than you thought she did!


Santana is treating you today.  She had some meat earlier which gave her STINKY GAS.  And these farts are LONG some in the 5 second range and very DEEP.  She is delivering them right on your nose and being very nice and sweet to you.. making sure you enjoy the whole experience.


Whenever it comes to "dropping a load" Mufasa and Dakota call it "taking a big dookie".  So in this clip I had them both record their loads the day after ThanksGiving.  You now I had to get that day after a thanksgiving meal toilet clip.  What kind of man would I be if I did not get that for you guys.  Dakota's dookie took place in a PUBLIC BATHROOM and poor Mufasa BARELY MADE IT......So who won??

NOVEMBER 24th 2019

After GORGING on Mexican food watch Dakota kneel down beneath Mufasa's round ass and get BLASTED IN THE FACE over and over again with bubbly refried bean farts!  Mufasa even ripped a fart into Dakota's OPEN MOUTH!

NOVEMBER 16th 2019

The fart sniffing are taking a break from farting in each others faces to let you get a sniff.  FYI both of their farts are smelling HORRIBLE today.  You have been warned!

NOVEMBER 9th 2019

Dakota wants you to get behind her NOW
There are so many cool things to do back
there. Like sniff her RUMBLY wet farts
She also wants you to EAT her juicy ass
and while your back there FUCK IT too!

OCTOBER 31st 2019

 completely UNLOAD her insides will NEVER get old!

OCTOBER 24th 2019

Sexy Dakota was SHARTING ALL OVER HERSELF while trying to make a sexy public fart video for you inside of Burger King!  Started off great.. but it ended in a SHARTY EMERGENCY!

OCTOBER 14th 2019

Public Farts are cool until you get CAUGHT by security making a fart fetish video in public!  Sexy Dakota took one for the team and made a risky public fart video but was HILARIOUSLY interrupted by the security guard at the restaurant... OOOPS!  you can even see her get caught in the PREVIEW PIC!

OCTOBER 8th 2019

Dakota decided to stop at  Micky Deez and
record some PUBLIC FARTS for us.  she went
into the ladies room and started ripping LONG
RUMBLY FARTS back to back until some poor
lady walked in on her!  I felt SO EMBARRASSED
for Dakota.. but Dakota did not seem to care LOL

SEPTEMBER 30th 2019

Dakota desperately wants YOUR mouth in her ass
 and YOUR tongue in her asshole as she releases
 SMELLY EGG FARTS over and over again...
 LOOK AT THAT ASS!  get in line bastards!
 and these farts were RUMBLY considering
 her ass as naked.

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2019

sexy thong from argueably the
2019 definitely had a HOT
brat, she is being sweet and
sexy, call you "daddy"  OMG!


I know I am not the only PERVERT that
imagines sexy Dakota slobbering on my
big hard cock!  Well here ya go!  First
she farts in your face and these are some
WET SHARTY SOUNDING farts.. then she
gives you the POV BJ of they year.. ur welcome.


Wet pussy... wet ass and most importantly
LOUD WET FARTS!  So loud the neighbors
could probably hear them.  Who cares
HOT FART GIRL SUMMER is almost over
and Dakota wants to make your dreams
of a hot girl farting for you cum true!


Just imagine bending Dakota over at
the park and fucking her on a bench
while she blows RUMBLY FARTS on
your cock and balls.  The smell is so
bad that you can smell them OUTSIDE
because she drank A TON OF MILK!
This girl WANTS IT are you man
enough to handle a girl this freaky?!

AUGUST 31st 2019

THERE IS TOXIC GAS coming outta
that round ass and the whole room
is feeling it.  Mufasa is sitting right
behind her and the smell of her farts
has Mufasa CHOKING they smell
BAD and Dakota is having fun using
that PHAT ASS as a blow torch!

AUGUST 27th 2019

Dakota is SO FUCKING SEXY!  She is already one of the best to ever do it and like Selena Loca she proves you can make RUMBLY JEAN FARTS without jeans!  these farts were deep and rumbly despite the fact she was completley naked and she is definitely one of the HOTTEST TO EVER DO IT!

AUGUST 20th 2019

Dakota finds it so hot that there are actually
guys who are turned on by girls farting and
she wants to fart on a guys face SO BAD!  In
this clip she is BEGGING YOU to come over
and bury your face in her butt so you can
sniff these DEEP RUMBLY farts over and over!

AUGUST 13th 2019

Dakota likes to get POUNDED from behind.  This is what she is showing you in this video.  How she LIKES TO GET FUCKED!  That is why she is biting on the tshirt.. because if you were fucking her she would be biting on the bedsheets.  This is SO FUCKING HOT and these farts are BIG and BUBBLY and very wet, wet for your dick!

AUGUST 5th 2019

Usually thong underwear are a no no when it comes to girl farts because they tend to muffle the sounds.  this is not an issue when you are a BIG, LONG POWERFUL farter like Dakota is!  These DEEP, RUMBLY farts sound exactly like she is wearing tight jeans but NOPE she sportin' a thong..  now..  LET ME HEAR THAT THONG ONG OOOOONG!  Some very nice rips from that sexy round backside of hers!

JULY 28th 2019

Besides looking like a ROUND BIG BOOTIED
 ZEBRA in those tight pants these are some of he
most interesting MULTI TONED sounding farts
I have heard in a while.  Sounded like I heard
 lions and tigers and bears coming
outta that ass ...  OH MY!

JULY 21st 2019

SHE MIGHT BE THE HOTTEST MODEL TO EVER LIVE.....  let's debate.  If nothing else she is the MOST WANTED model on the scene right now and this is one of her BEST CLIPS YET!  LOOK AT THE PREVIEW PIC.. do I really need to say anything.. RUMBLY bassy farts in tight slacks... COME THE FUCK ON?!?!?!?!

JULY 13TH 2019

She's PERFECT.. and she is face farting you.. she is blowing RUMBLY FARTS in your face.. on YOUR NOSE and IN YOUR MOUTH ... non stop.  but do you deserve it?!?!  She has been the perfect girlfriend to you... indulging you in your fart fetish any time you want.. and you treat her like trash... YOU DON'T DESERVE the STINKY RUMBLY AIR that is being blown in your face over and over again..  you are LUCKY she loves you!

JULY 6TH 2019

It is impossible to watch this beauty and not fall in love!  SHE LOVES DOING THIS!  She enjoys making these films for her fart fans and she wants ALL OF YOU to FALL IN LOVE WITH HER and her videos!  these are some of her BIGGEST FARTS YET! and she is SO HOT in these videos.. she knows just what to say and have you BELIEVE IT!  you cannot watch her and not FALL IN LOVE!
JUNE 27TH 2019

With each WET SLOPPY FART Dakota is soiling herself!
That's right after a heavy night of drinking her stomach
is TORE UP and she had BAD DIARRHEA all nite long!
but the WETNESS is not over with.. with each explosive
fart she is SHARTING HERSELF but she does not care
she knows YOU LIKE IT and she is willing to LAY IN HER
OWN FILTH just to make a sexy fart video for you.  She
is making a mess and NO ONE has ever looked hotter doing it!