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JUNE 14TH 2019

Point Blank Periodt.  We as a community have never seen a girl THIS HOT beauty wise that can hang with the BEST of the BEST in the fart category like Dutchess Dakota Reign.  She is like a mix of Emily (Emma Inc) in the face and Britanny Moore with the bass.. as in  DEEP BASSY FARTS.  Feast your eyes on DR!

JUNE 5TH 2019

Imagine you are away on a trip and your HOT girlfriend Dakota Reign is sending you fart videos because she knows you are horny for her farts and you cannot wait to get home to fuck her and smell her farts.  So she is sending you videos of all her farts so you don't miss any of them.  She is looking HOT.. farting for you and telling you how much she LOVES  YOU... MISSES YOU and how she WISHES YOU WERE THERE WITH HER to smell these STINKY FARTS!  That is the premise of this clip... She is professing her love for you and farting like a CRAZY PERSON... well you know what Dakota... I LOVE YOU TOO!

MAY 27TH 2019

Debbie Disturrbed, Selena Loca, Santana Redd
and even her own sister Mufasa.. all of them have
had there moment to shine.  Now it is Dakota Reign's
time because she is the NUMBER ONE FART MODEL in the world!
The beautiful face.. the curvy body.. the BIG BUBBLY farts.. the
HUGE COW DUMPS!  In this clip she shows a little bit of every
thing and proves to the world she is one of the GOATS of our time!

MAY 17TH 2019

Yes after hearing these LONG RUMBLY LEXXXI LOCKHART bubblers in SPANDEX I thought it was the perfect time to add Dakota Reign to the "list".  You know the list I am talking about.. the list of the GREATEST performers to perform in this niche.  Emma Inc.  Ambrosia Brittany Moore Debbie Disturrbed are just a few on this list and after this update Dakota has made it to the fart girls HOF!  She is SO FUCKING CUTE and she way she lifts that round ass in the air and pushes out these DEEP WATERY FARTS she will FOR SURE make your list of your all time favs!  Congratz Dakota you are a MF GOAT!

MAY 9TH 2019

Sexy Dakota is SO FUCKING GREAT!  The Beauty of a Emma INk, the farting talent of a Brittany or a Lexxi the "girls next door" vibe of the average utoob farting girl..  Man.. she is so Pretty and adorable but don't let her looks fool you... THIS GIRL CAN FART!  Dakota Reign is the HOTTEST FART GIRL on the scene!

MAY 1ST 2019

Dakota is so cute and adorable but her ass is NOT.  She has been constipated all week and her farts smell TERRIBLE because she is so backed up!  She is visiting a friend and every time she farts the friend makes her go OUTSIDE because they smell SO TERRIBLE!  As hot as she is she can fart in my house anytime!

APRIL 23rd 2019

This girl is a GOAT!  Quickly becoming one of the HOTTEST FETISH GIRLS EVER Dakota's content is getting better and better and BETTER!  In this one after many SLOPPY, RUMBLY Brittany Moore type farts she creates a HUGE SHART in her boy shorts.... it's SO HUGE that it may be the BIGGEST SHART we have seen!  Get ready and feast your eyes on JURASSICA SHART FOUR!

APRIL 16TH 2019

Soon Dakota Reign will reach GOAT STATUS!  She is really coming on strong with these AMAZING FART CLIPS!  She has already established her self as a BIG LEAGUE DUMPER but now her FART CLIPS are JUST AS incredible as her toilet clips.. and I'll tell you what.. watching her ascend to the top is SO EXCITING!! (Kev Hart voice)  this sexy fart clip ends with a sexy toilet scene as well.  she even does PUBLIC FARTS!

APRIL 8TH 2019

Ok of course its Dakota Reign not Brittany Moore but if you close your eyes and just LISTEN TO THE FARTS you would think that Brittany Moore is making a triumphant return!  These were some LONG BUBBLEY MONSTER farts and I was surprised to see these RIPPERS coming outta this cute innocent girl.  Plus a hot toilet scent to end this PERFECT fart film!

APRIL 1ST 2019

Although my adorable girlfriend (yea I said it) Dakota Reign looks so cute and innocent in her Pig Tails what is coming outta her ass is not so cute and innocent.  Watch this pretty hot drop off a nice COW DUMP for you just because the knows you have a fetish for hot girls doing unladylike things!  ISSA MUST SEE!

MARCH 24TH 2019

Mufasa and Dakota remind me so much of a new age Patoose and Babushka!  Like Patoose Mufasa was first.. she is slender, adorable cute and funny.  Like Babushka Dakota is a little thicker, sexy and adorable in her own right.. just as hot as her sister but a completely different style!  Dakota's first FART VIDEO did so well she is back with another!  She is a GREAT FARTER and she wants to be the GOAT.. she is on her way!

MARCH 17TH 2019

As much as I love the AMAZING Mufasa Fart King her sister is just as FUCKING INCREDIBLE!  Not since Patoose and Babushka have we seen two sisters working in the world of girl farts!  She has her own style.. different than her sis.. but JUST AS HOT!  She is doing farts.. just FARTS!  She wants to be the very best and she wants to show us that BIG DUMPS is not her only skill!  Name 5 fart girls HOTTER than Dakota Reign....  I'll wait.     This girl is the fucking BOMB!

MARCH 10TH 2019

Sexy Dakota has been traveling and you know what that means.  A lot of junk food.. a lot of fast food!  Which always means a stomach ache.  Bad for her.. good for us TOILET FREEKS!  Here in this clip is the aftermath of two dinners... one Chinese food and the other Micki Deez.  One the fills the toilet the other she fills the Micki Deez box!  Get out the lotion boys (and girls)  It's time to FAP old CHAP!

MARCH 3RD 2019

How can someone so adorable and innocent and seemingly NORMAL end up being another filthy, raunchy fetish model on the scene?!  It's like if Milee Syrus and Durty Betti had a baby together! Just like her sister Mufasa another super cute girl next door with a DARK SIDE!  TOILET FREEKS this is a clip you GOTTA SEE!!!!  END.... OF.... STORY!


Dakota's stomach was really tore up from a heavy night of drinking.  She was in such bad shape she COULD NOT MAKE IT TO THE BATHROOM IN TIME!  Before she could sit her ass on the toilet EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA shoots outta her ass and gets EVERY WHERE!  The bathroom looks like a BROWN CRIME SCENE!  Although it is a complete MESS she manages to have a happy and pleasant reaction.  I just think her and her sister Mufasa love BEWP!  BROWN LOVERS this is a MUST HAVE to your collection and DIARRHEA LOVERS this will also be a must have to you as well.  THIS IS PREMIUM CONTENT!


Dakota is definitely one of the BIG LEAGUERS when it comes to Dumping!  and she is so fucking HOT!  Her and her sister Mufasa are two of the best new models to ever this the farting scene!  It is so amazing to see someone that looks like Dakota dropping ANNA DEDOFIK type dumps!  and this is a HUGE one here!

Watch the AMAZINGLY HOT Dakota get in sexy poses and COMPLETELY EMPTY OUT HER INSIDES into the toilet bowl.  She must have been eating a lot lately because in these 2 SCENES she really filled up the toilet!  Some sexy PRE BEWP farts in this one as well!  Who's hotter?!? her or Mufasa?!?  I'll wait.....

While perfecting the art of making a great video Dakota learned something very cool about herself.  Apparently while MASTURBATING she gets more relaxed and is able to COMPLETELY EMPTY HER INSIDES into the toilet bowl!  The more relaxed she is the more the bowl gets filled.  Fun Fact Dakota is not the first model to tell me that TAKING A HUGE DUMPP makes her horny and what to touch herself...  WHO KNEW?!

Dakota Reign, one half of "The Toilet Fart Babes" is usually a LAWG girl!  But she turned in her first EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA clip and run lovers this is a MUST SEE!  Of course she is dropping her usual BIG THICK LAWGS in some scenes too.  This is a very well rounded toilet fart model. #TFB  TOILET FART BABES FOR LIFE!

Happy Holidays from Dakota to her fans and you can see in this clip she is really enjoying herself!  She's in the Holiday Spirit for sure because she is EATING A LOT and dropping the BIGGEST LOADS EVER!  She is also having fun with the clips and in such a good spirit.  She must have been sippin on the egg nog because in a couple of these clips she totally MISSED HER TARGET and got BIG PILES OF BEWP everywhere!  I did not think she could top H TOWN STEEMER but this may be the BEST set of clips Dakota has ever sent me!  If you like adorable and cute girls dropping MEGA LOADS then check this out!

this is SO FUCKING HOT!!! after already turning in some of the BEST TOILET ACTION EVER SEEN Duchess Dakota Reign ends the magical clip by pulling over on the side of the road and taking a MASSIVE dump on the street!!  That's right a good ol H TOWN STEEMER!  You can even see the STEAM coming off this MASSIVE LOAD because it is so cold outside!  See why this is one of the GREATEST new models to ever hit the scene!!!

Most of these bathroom trips were VERY URGENT for Dakota Reign.  She could BARELY make it!  You will love the look of RELIEF on her face as she drops these HEAVY LOADS!  Some nice Candid farting is also thrown in for good measure!  Such a cutie she is!  who is you fav, Dakota or her sis Empress Mufasa?

THIS IS HER BEST CLIP YET!  BIG, LARGE, BROWN asteroids coming outta her ass!  DEEP, BUBBLY missiles flying left and right this TWO WEEK LONG compilation of her best BEWPS and BRAPPS is like BattleStar Galactaca coming outta her round booty!  Watch out Mu!!  Your sister did not come to play this time!!!


Dakota is a fantastic fart model but her claim to fame is how she can REALLY FILL UP A TOILET!  She is definitely a 2 WAY PLAYER!  She is everything you love about Mufasa yet she still has her own flavor and style that you will fall in love with. and if HUGE DUMPS is your thing then this MOVIE is a must see!

Yes.. I know 75 dollars is a bit steep for TOILET MOVIE but... TRUST. .... It is worth EVERY PENNY!  I have been doing this since 2005 and I KNOW in all those years we have NEVER seen anything like this!!  NEVER.  this girl takes MEGA DUMPS for her petite size and she is so BEAUTIFUL!

She even got her sister MUFASA in on the action with her!

You could argue she is one of the BEST DUMPERS ever!

SHE CAN DUMPP WITH THE BEST OF THEM! and she is NOT an adult performer.. she is your average "girl next door".  Like your best buddies "freaky daughter" or the "wild baby sitter" or the naughty girl who lives across the street.  THIS CLIP IS SO GOOD!  I promise you 75 DOLLARS is a bargain.  for those of you who buy customs regularly you guys KNOW... 75 dollars is a BARGAIN for this level of content!  In this clip she is so sexy.. so sultry so NAUGHTY and dropping HUGE LOADS!!!!!!  


You will never forget this day.  Remember when you found your FIRST fart clip on the internet?  or how about when you discovered Ema Inc? or like when you saw your first Ambrosia clip or when you first laid eyes on Terra Thompson.  Yep.  this is one of those days!  I am proud to introduce to you DUCHESS DAKOTA REIGN!  She is MUFASA'S SISTER!  and just like Mufasa is the Empress of Farts Dakota is also fart royalty which is why she is the Duchess of Farts!  HONESTLY....  I don't want to waste a bunch of time explaining this clip... you just MUST SEE IT!  She is everything you love about Mufasa but in her own style and let me tell you this girls takes BIG DUMPPS!  so if you are a BIG LOGG type of guy.. this is a MUST BUY!  She even takes a MEGA DUMPP on the side of the road and you get to SEE IT ALL!  This chick is so amazing I had to have her in the C World Family!  EQUALLY AS HOT AS MUFASA but her own unique style that you just HAVE TO SEE... DON'T MISS THIS!


Imagine having a sexual relationship with your favorite teacher.  The tall, thick big bootied teacher that is always flirting with you in class.  You go over her house all the time after school.  She walks around half naked and does ANYTHING you want.  All she does is fart for you, let you sniff them and SUCK YOUR COCK whenever you want.  She reminds you.. "I am not like the other teachers you have had" and her only goal is to "make you a man and help you grow up".... she wants you to be comfortable with your sexual fetishes.. namely your fart fetish......just imagine...This is a HOT POV FANTASY... but DAMN.  I wish this was real!

AUGUST 25TH  2018

Again you are meeting up with your teacher FIFI.  FUCK... I don't know where they find teachers like this.  Teachers were not like this when I was in school.  She is so Flirty.. she is all over you!  You are there to do extra credit work and she is FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!  She knows you like it so she keeps doing it.  At one point she says.. "you are always kissing my ass in class well kiss it here".... she bares her ass so you can kiss and worship it.  She is being so sexy and flirty... you end up massaging her and rubbing her back.. one thing leads to another and you end up FUCKING HER BRAINS OUT.. once again... until you UNLOAD YOUR CUM in her mouth!!! its amazing...but you must keep it a secret or she will get in trouble.... shhhhhhh.

AUGUST 11TH  2018

Fi Fi is your new teacher and she is not like any other teacher you have ever had!  You have been having trouble concentrating in class so she invited you over to her house for some "extra credit".  While you are hanging out with her you notice that she FARTS A LOT and she is not even embarrassed about it.  She just sits there and constantly farts while you do your work.  You are really turned on since coincidentally.. you like farts!  You start to get this weird feeling that she is trying to turn you on with her farts.. so you get up enough nerve to admit to her.. you are turned on by farts!

"Let's make a deal, I will let you sniff my ass after each fart if you promise to never tell anyone"

You agree and start sniffing, kissing and worshipping your teachers farts.  She is really getting into it... she really gets turned on with your smelling her butt after each farts.. finally she says..

"This is making me so horny, I want you to fuck me!"

and you begin to have the BEST POV SEX EVER with your new teacher FI FI Le'Croix
AUGUST 9TH  2018

Please welcome to C World Entertainment SUPER MODEL Traci Wu!  SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!  She is like PATOOSE and BABUSHKKA'S long lost sister!  Super innocent yet super NAUGHTY all rolled together!  She is petite but still has a nice round FULL ASS! and much like PATOOSE she is a BIG FARTER for such a small frame!  She is such a cutie pie and you are going to LOVE her style!  In her first MOVIE she tells you all about herself.. why she likes fart fetish.. how she got into it... does she like to fart?  what foods make her gassy? and all types of other interesting things about herself.. then later on in the clip she plays the role of the GASSY ROOMMATE.. POV style in a nice fantasy scenario.... fellaz.....YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE HER!....now tell me one thing... CAN YOU WU WU WU?!?!?

AUGUST 7TH  2018

Tabitha is mad right now so she is punishing you with RAUNCHY FARTS in your face! you have been a jerk all weekend but NOW you are being nice because you want to fuck.  Well she is making you sniff farts for your bad behavior or else no sex for you!  She said the farts smell like PET FOOD which is sexy because I know that exact smell she is describing!  You can tell by the way these farts sounded they STUNK!  And you get to witness 20 MINUTES in this MOVIE!  so lay under those covers and take it like a man!

JULY 24TH  2018

This is a long 20 min. film with LOTS of farts!  You will see Tabitha facefarting her man, farting around the house. being sexy being candid.. ignoring the camera.. just about ever type of fart you can think of.  These farts are HUGE and POWERFUL with very little lag time in between them.  Once again you get to be a fly on the wall and study the life of a famous FART FETISH model!

JULY 10TH  2018

She likes getting her ass eatin.. she is a free spirit.. she LOVES sucking dick!  She's got a big ass and a big beautiful smile and she farts A LOT!  She has a great personality and oh did I mention SHE LOVES TO SUCK DICK!  her farts are HUGE and EXPLOSIVE and you can tell by the way the sound that they STINK!  this MINI MOVIE features her and her man living the life of a FART FETISH MODEL and what it is like living with a HORNY CHICK that FARTS A LOT!

JUNE 25TH  2018

Tabz is annoyed with hubby so she just decided to take it out on him by ripping LONG SMELLY BEER FARTS in his face over and over again!  You can tell by the sound of these farts that they  STUNK!  This clip starts off candid then suddenly turns into a FACE FART CLIP FOR THE AGES!  Tabz says her farts ALWAYS smell horrible.. I just wish I could be back there to give my opinion..  She thinks she is punishing her man with these DEEP ROTTEN FARTS ON HIS NOSE..I for one think he is a LUCKY man!

JUNE 10TH  2018

this is SO FUCKING SEXY!  Tabitha Gass starts off this FULL LENGTH MOVIE with some sexy candid farts then she gives her man the FACE FART SESSION OF A LIFE TIME!  LONG, deep HORSE FARTS while his face is right behind that BIG OL ASS!  you will love the SOUND of these farts!  you can tell they STUNK just by the sound of them!  She said most of them smelled like ROTTEN EGGS and ROTTEN MEAT!  for some reason this scenario gets me EVERY TIME!  Some under the covers some over the covers but ALL OF THESE BASSY MONSTERS are in his face!  FACE FART LOVERS.. THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!!

MAY 26TH  2018

This candid fart clip did not end like BIG MAMA wanted it to.  It ended with a HUGE MESS in her PANTIES!  That's right.. she was doing a fart video with 10 SECOND LONG MONSTER FARTS when all of a sudden she had to hit the bathroom.. she could not make it and she farted and made a BIG MESS IN HER UNDIES... this is probably the BEST SHART VIDEO we put out of SHARTS are your thing.. you GOTTA SEE THIS!

MAY 13TH  2018

All you fart girls 25 years of age and under MRS. PARKAHHHH! is here to put you on notice!  Make way for MATURE FARTS!  She is ready to make her place in fart history as the GREATEST FARTING MILF EVER in this niche and she has turned in her BEST video so far!  Her ass looks INCREDIBLE and her BIG 10 SECOND LONG MOOSE FARTS will drive you insane!  From this point on.. ladies.. when you step into the world of "girls farting" you better know you walkin' into BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE!

APRIL 25TH  2018

DEEP LOUD AND WATERY!  This is how I would describe a Walrus Fart. and she hot a LOT of them blowing outta her ass!  She looks so pretty and the body is definitely on point!  Mostly farting.. not a lot of talking and a nice up close view of those BALLOON BOOBS!
APRIL 12TH  2018

Her ass is on a RAMPAGE destroying everything in it's path!  these BUBBLEY, WATERY WET BOMBS will drive you insane.. you will LOVE these sounds and as always she looks SUPER HOT!  not a lot of talking... but definitely a lot of FARTING!


This is a simple CANDID fart compilation with some light "fetishy" teasing on some parts as well.  "Smell it daddy, do you like the way it smells?"  Some of these farts are HUGE and very DEEP sounding!  Her ass is looking quite plump in this one was well.  No special theme.. just GREAT FARTS over the course of a week!  A nice COO COO fart compilation!


Sexy Sarina Loca is ripping ONCE IN A LIFE TIME FARTS in this sexy JEAN FART EXTRAVAGANZA!  Think about your all time favorite BRITNEY MOORE FARTS from the past because that is what this clip is LOADED with!  LONG, BUBBLEY.. WATERY.. and did I mention LONG!  She definitely will have to wash those articles of clothing after this video!  ISSA MUST SEE!

JANUARY 15th  2018

WHAT IN THE WORLD DID SHE EAT?!?  These farts were LONG AS FUCK!  a lot of these farts were in the 15 SECOND RANGE!  she must have been FULL OF GAS!  Sarina has a fantasy.. she wants you to FUCK HER IN THE ASS while she is farting!  That is all she ever talks about!  She wants you to sniff her 15 SECOND LONG EGG FARTS while she BOUNCES UP AND DOWN ON YOUR COCK!  Then she wants you to BLOW YOUR LOAD on her ass!  Think you up for it?!?!

JANUARY 7th  2018

 Sarina Loca LOVES when you hit it from the back and she LOVES to fart while you do it!  Today is your lucky day because she got BAD GAS today!  These bad boys are LONG and they STINK!  These farts were easily in the 10 SECOND RANGE! and according to her they smelled NASTY!  Oh.. and she wants you to take your dick out and CUM ALL OVER HER ASS as she farts ON YOUR COCK!  what are u waiting for?!

DECEMBER 20th  2017

 Sexy Sarina Loca filmed all of her farts for a week in different settings and in different outfits.  Leggings, sexy skirts and panties.  She is a really GASSY GIRL so she wanted to show off her farting talents in a variety of ways over a variety of days!  She is very natural in clips.. it's like she was born to do this!  So sexy in the things that she says too.. "You like that daddy?"  "Whoa, its starting to smell really bad in here"  "come get your nose in here, you will love this one"  Plus she knows how to move and twerk that BIG LOCA ASS!  This girl is AMAZING!  Cousin SELENA would be so proud of her!

DECEMBER 12th  2017

 "Come sniff my fart daddy" "Let me ride your dick while I fart on it" "I want you to nut on my ass when you are ready to cum"  HOLY !  SARINA LOCA is the Queen of "dirty talk" and the way these LONG BUBBLEY FARTS REVERBERATE off the wooden chair will drive you INSANE!  She wants to show you EXACTLY how she wants to ride your cock while she is farting on it and this girl knows how to move THIS GIRL CAN FART!
DECEMBER 5th  2017

Every girl has there SIGNATURE fart smell!  Well SELENA LOCA'S COUSIN SARINA says her farts are VERY EGGY!  She even rips LONG DEEP farts in a cup and smells them and describes them!  She says especially her MORNING FARTS are very EGGY! and that you would "LOVE waking up next to her every morning if you love the smell of EGGS!"  She is SO FUCKING HOT!  COULD SHE BE BETTER THAN HER COUSIN SELENA?!?!?  I will let you guys be the judge of that but I will say one thing.. THIS IS A MUST, MUTHA FUCKIN' SEE!  

NOVEMBER 26th  2017

IS IT EVEN FUCKING POSSIBLE!  Could SELENA LOCA'S COUSIN possibly be BETTER THAN HER!!!!?????  OH .. MY .. GOODNESS!  X-Mas has come early to all my fart lovers around the world!  SELENA LOCA taught her SEXY COUSIN how to make videos and HOLY SHIT you are not going to BELIEVE IT!  Gorgeous in the face... like her cuz... HUGE ROUND BOOTY.. like her cuz.. LONG BASSY FARTS.. like her cuz! and she talks so sexy.. "smell my fart daddy".. "you like the way that smells?" "I love farting for you daddy"  I really can't waste anymore time describing this.. just TRUST ME!... this is a MUST... MUDDA FUCKIN.... SEE!!!!!! this is SARINA LOCA!!!!!

(Goddess Jenn lovers don't worry we still have more great content
to bring you from GJRP, much much more so keep a look out for it!)

NOVEMBER 17th  2017

Jenn got up early, had a SAUSAGE AND EGG BURRITO and a bowl of cereal and got ready for the day.  YOU just woke up and you are hungry.  Well don't worry because you get to enjoy HER breakfast right up your nose!  Yea eggs give her EGGY FARTS and the milk from the cereal.. forget about it.  She got GAS LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!  So sit down while she blows her ENTIRE BREAKFAST right in your face!

NOVEMBER 9th  2017

A big bag of is going to put you in an evening of TACO HELL!  Watch Sexy Jenn place that HUGE ROUND ASS one inch from his nose and release DEEP TUBA TACO FARTS over and over again!  The toy has been a bad boy and is really in for some punishment today!  These farts really had that BASSY HUMMING sound!  Its like CHEWBACCA was stuck in her asshole!  

OCTOBER 30th  2017

20 SECONDS OF SULPHUR BEING BLOWN RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  What a dream that would be!  Well since me or you can't be there Jennifer is going to show us on a stuffed toy how she can SMOTHER YOU WITH HER HUGE ASS and leave you BURIED IN FART!

OCTOBER 22nd  2017

After putting on the fart performance of a lifetime in her sexy red body suit Sexy Jenn retires to the bed and has to RELAX because her body is completely out of air!  These farts were INCREDIBLE!  Sounded like a HERD OF COWS stuck on her ass!  Her ass looks so BIG ROUND AND PERFECT in the body suit and later that night as she relaxed and "let it out" laying on the bed the farts were EQUALLY AS LONG AND BASSY!  OMG that is a lot of HOT STINKY AIR!  She was EXHAUSTED!

OCTOBER 15th  2017
If you love the sound of JEAN FARTS.. and you love NAKED ASS then this is the clip for you!  That's right..  Jennifers ass is SO BIG, THICK AND FULL that her naked farts sound like BASSY JEAN FARTS!  She has one of those asses with a lot of BOOTY MEAT and therefore even when naked she is able to get DEEP BASSY TUBA FARTTS!  OMG her ass look so good!  Even without the farts this is a video worth seeing if you are a BIG ASS LOVER... but if you are a fart lover then this may be the BEST VIDEO you have seen in a while!  She even puts on a pair of jeans later in this clip
and you will hear virtually NO difference in the way the farts sound!

OCTOBER 8th  2017
Just like Lexxxi Lockhart from back in the day
Jenn is another one that gets HORRIBLE GAS
after eating Turkey Meat.  Right before filming
this clip she had a big turkey burger loaded with
onions and she is BLOWING UP with stinky gas!
Turkey farts kinda smell like rotten meat or
hot garbage and you get to see for yourself
because she is sticking that HUGE ASS in your face!
These bad boys were LOW and DEEP and many of
them were in the 10 second range!  Kinda sounded
like Chewbacca humming you a sweet song!

SEPTEMBER 29th  2017
Ok..new pair of cordoroy jeans... check
Eggs for breakfast and greasy lunch at Denny's.. check
She holds the gas in all day until it is time to film... check
Her stomach is exploding with gas and she's gonna blow, you
know what time it is... LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

SEPTEMBER 20th  2017
Eggs and cheese for breakfast...
Chicken Alfredo with ice cream for dessert for lunch...
THESE were the foods that fueled these DEEP BASSY MOANERS!
Jenn has been waiting ALL  DAY to let out this MUSTY PENT UP GAS!
and YOUR FACE is the perfect place to do it!  As you come home from
work she sits you down and explains to you "I have been holding
in these farts for you all day.. I know you're going to love them!"
You get down on your knees.. she puts that BIG BEAUTIFUL ASS
in your face and before you know it... THE ANGRY MOOSE IS LOOSE!

SEPTEMBER 13th  2017
Mickey D's is one of Jenns go to spots to get her
FART FUEL!  Something about them breakast
sandwiches that give her the WORST GAS EVER!
It's early so she already got some morning gas
going on, well the eggs and the greasy sausage
just takes her farts to the NEXT LEVEL! and YOU are
on your knees.. trapped behind her as she sticks
Mt. Booty-Saki in your face and rips RUMP SHAKING
FARTS on your nose and mouth over and over again!

SEPTEMBER 5th  2017
Feast your eyes on the BIGGEST, BADDEST
BASSIEST fart booty in all of fart land!  She teases you..
"Is this what you want?"
"I know you want me to fart in your mouth"
"get ready, this is what you have been waiting for"
and proceeds to rip DEEP RUMBLERS in your face
as you are strapped down and tyed to a chair.  
Strap up fellaz, It's time to climb MOUNT BOOTY SAKI!

AUGUST 28th  2017
HOLY SHIT THAT ASS IS CRAZY!  In this clip she is
farting in a Summer Dress and tight jeans as shown
above and OMG HER ass and HER farts are OFF
THE CHARTS AMAZING!  She is teasing you about
your fetish and talking about what she ate to get so
gassy and she is lettin' RIP constantly!  This video
without a doubt will leave you saying DAAAAMN!!

AUGUST 20th  2017
Beautiful Jenn is not a bratt all the time!  She can be very
sweet too!  You have been so good lately that when your
Birthday came around she decided to indulge you in
your ULTIMATE FART FANTASY!  She hit up taco tuesday
at the local Mexican joint and made sure to have an extra
side of BLACK BEANS and she is ripping ONCE IN A
LIFETIME RUMBLY FARTS as she does a sexy POV
striptease for you!  Sit back, let her stick that HUGE
ass in your face as she blows CHEWBACCA FARTS
right in your face and on your dick!  This is AMAZING!
You better keep up the good behaviour, Xmas is comin' up!

AUGUST 12th  2017
These farts were so LONG, DEEP AND RUMBLY
her ass is GROWLING at you like an ANGRY RHINOSEROUS!
And she lays there so calmly as she lets out these MONSTERS!
So cute.. such a BRAT... so HOT!  I love her style, her face,
her ASS, her attitude but most importantly her RHINO-FARTS!

AUGUST 4th  2017
The farts... the way the ass looks.. the BRATTY
attitude.. THAT ASS! and did I mention THE FARTS?!?!
had a HACK SAW stuck in her ass! I have said it before.. now
I am going to say it again...  if this is not the
WHOLE FREAKIN LIFE!!!  say it with me guys....
KILL...... YO...... SELF!
JULY 28th  2017
These farts are so LONG, DEEP AND RUMBLY
that I gave Jenn a new Nick Name!  Meet
Brittneve TaBoore!  Her farts are so
Brittney Moore esque.... so Eve Taboo
like..  that this new name only made perfect sense!
Goddess Jenn is without a doubt the ACE OF BASS!
These TUBA TRUMPS will drive you wild if that is your
"fart sound" you like the most and on top of that Jenn
is right up there with the GREATEST BIG BOOTIES we
have ever seen!  This clip is shot "candid" style, no lag time!

JULY 21ST  2017
Goddess Jenn is the type of person that if she is not
the VERY BEST then she doesn't want to do it at all!
THIS site and THIS content  is something I have been
waiting for for a long time to achieve!  If you are a fan of
I just have one thing to say to you right now.

JULY 13th  2017
LEXXXI LOCKHART had a baby it would be
Goddess Jennifer!  This one is simple.. all
the poses you love.. tight jeans.. and LONG
BUBBLEY FARTS!  Simple idea with a
MAGNIFICENT performance!  She is being
"sweet" in this one.. not so "bratty" and this

JULY 8th  2017
White girl with big WHITE BOOTY just made
a WHITE HOT fart video wearing WHITE LEGGINGS!
and for dessert she had a white milk shake (vanilla)
these farts were AWESOME! I love how they reverberated
off the table and the computer chair and after eating
all that cheese and milk in her words... "they STANK!"

JULY 4th  2017
It's like seeing a UNICORN!  Since Classic Alice back in the day
and Stormy after that you RARELY see girls fartin in Daisy Dukes!
Well Jenn went into the Basement and pulled these out so she
could TWERK in them merging the old with the new!
Her ass looks so good with her MEATY CHEEKS hanging
out and OF COURSE the farts are DEEP, LONG AND RUMBLY!
Fart after every fart she is making you BEG for it and showing
you NO MERCY!  These farts were 'BAD' in her words and you can
thank a nasty meal at Denni's for her AWFUL GAS!

JULY 2nd  2017
"Chewbacca Butt"

In this second installment of GJ comeback tour she is
ripping LONG, HOWLING MULTI-TONED farts that sound
a lot like Chewbacca coming outta her ass!  Her farts often
sound like that.  She looks so pretty and sexy and you know
the ass in on POINT! and the farts are INCREDIBLE!  This is
a candid fart comp. guaranteed to get your DICK HARD!

JULY 1ST  2017
I am SO HAPPY to announce the return of Goddess Jennifer!
No need to say much because YOU KNOW HER WORK!!!
She is only one of the 2 or 3 GREATEST FARTERS EVER!
She wanted to come back SO BAD that she got her OWN PLACE
just so she cannot be limited and can make THE BEST EVER VIDEOS!
See this infamous BIG BOOTY BRAT like you have never seen her before!
Doing EVERYTHING that you have always dreamed of seeing her do on film!
In her first clip back she MELTS a pair of yoga pants with her BIG
With out further ado, I bring to you.. the "RETURN OF THE MACK"

Be clear.. THIS GIRL CAN FART!  She looks so
most importantly she has an ANGRY WALRUS
coming out of her ass!  These farts were very
EXPLOSIVE and they caused her to make a
BIG SHART!  I think SHARTING is going to be
this models "thing" back to the farts.. you gotta

That's right NEW MODEL Natalia Amor comes right outta the gate
with an EXPLOSIVE fart video!  These farts were LONG
and BUBBLEY!  She twisted and girated trying to get all that gas out!  
 CURVES.. nice tits.. HUGE ASS... and BEAUTIFUL FACE!  This
 chick is a WILD one.. but I like them WILD!.. this clip.. ISSA MUST SEE!!!!!